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Idoba-Araromi People, Ile-Ire District, Ifelodun L.G.A. Kwara State, Nigeria

September 3, 2013

This article is all about the People of Idoba-Araromi in Nigeria. The Idoba Araromi poeple originated from the Ancient Oyo Kingdom. The People of Idoba-Araromi settled at Idoba Orioke near Oke-Oyan. The Idoba-Araromi people are Igbomina origin of the Yoruba of Nigeria. The people settled in Idoba Orioke for many years before they moved to their present location near Owode Offaro. The people were governed by a king who has the title of Olu in the ancient time but now Odoba of Idoba. The community was a very big town in the past, but with the coming of the various wars the community was reduced. As a result of the ancient wars some left the community and fled for refuge in some other places. The current location of the Idoba-Araromi people is found in Ile-Ire District of Ifelodun Local Government Area of Kwara State, Nigeria. The Lord blessed the community with dynamic people, the first of them is the late Pastor Samuel Y. Baba, he was a teacher, a politician and towards the end of his life a Pastor with the Sudan Interior Mission later Evangelical Church of West Africa, and now Evangelical Church Wining All. He studied at the prestigious ECWA Theological Seminary Igbaja. The Idoba Araromi community in Ile-Ire District  also produce people like Mr Samuel Olayioye, he was a labour leader in Kwara State until his death. Other notable scholars in the Community are Mrs. Mosunmola Ajileye, a PhD student with the University of Ilorin, Mrs Jolayemi, an SSO (School supervisor officer with Ifelodun Local Government) Elder John Sunday Baba, a trained motor mechanic and the maintenance officer with ECWA Theological Seminary, Igbaja in Nigeria and Rev Stephen Oluwarotimi Y. Baba who is also a graduate and a Senior Lecturer with of ECWA Theological Seminary Igbaja, Nigeria. The Community has three royal families, the family of Olayioyes, the Elemoshos or the Oyebanjis (the current ruling family) and the family of Baba-Adeboye. The Chairman of Ifelodun Local Government gazetted the appointment of the New Odoba of Idoba Araromi, he is Elder Sunday Oyebanji. He is an educated Christian Oba, he is married and have Children. Since the inception of this King, the community is progressing. The Federal Government gave the community, a motorized borehole and a transformer in 2013, check the internet to see that the two things from the federal government are for the Idoba-Araromi community and not for any other village around Idoba. The people of Idoba Araromi are peaceful, law abiding, and God fearing, we have Christian, Muslim and Idol Worshippers.

This article was posted on September 3, 2013


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